Trolls n Tributes

Lunch Cover

My cover for "Let's Do Lunch"

I am very slowly building this site. Today I’m experimenting with links. First off – I need to get this out of my brain.

It drives me crazy – Trolls

It is the big ugly downside to the internet. Trolls can really ruin your day if you allow them to rent space in your head.

As many hours as I spend at the keyboard marketing my book “Let’s Do Lunch” on various forums – I continually run into these hairy monsters. I have only been the target of one troll attack – on a private forum – but have seen a lot of carnage.

Yet the one place where it makes the most sense to advertise – Amazon book forums – is the place most heavily patrolled by trolls. They are territorial creatures, if Amazon was a dog park it would reek.

Probably the most important thing to remember about trolls is that I don’t want to become one. I think it is a disease like Lycanthropy – if you are bitten, you can catch it.

Onward to happier news –

I’ve had the honor of being featured on the “Thank You” page of ‘Authors on Show.’ This has been a great boost to my week and my marketing effort. I even posted a coupon code for Smashwords to drive some business to the site for my book.

Here is the smashwords link for “Let’s Do Lunch” and the coupon code to purchase it for $1.50 is: XR93G

So far I’m very pleased with – this is easier and more flexible than I expected.

In Search of Something Fresh

I went to the bookstore the other day. I was just looking for something to read, nothing too heavy, just a light ‘snack’ kind of book. The one thing I wanted to find was something fresh.

I went home empty handed.

It was just more of the same old, same old. I flipped through several books at random. There wasn’t much plot to in the five or six books I flipped through, vampires, were-critters, sick-child sob stories, bedroom scenes galore, but not a fresh plot in the bunch.

I gave up.

I bought an e-book – there was nothing in the back blurb to let me know that the contemporary ‘romance’ I had just purchased was hard-core erotica. There was no rating system on the commercial webpage.

I went back to the web and picked up an Indie paranormal – free of charge. I’ve been running into the author on more than a few websites. I adore her cartoons; I respect her kick-ass-and-take-names attitude.

I’ve taken part in a number of forum discussions in the last few weeks. I blew my top yesterday on not one but two forums (a new record). I’m so frustrated with the crap being put out in bookstores and by ‘publishing companies’ that appear to be unable to turn out a quality, original product.

I can get decent product at a reasonable price if I read older books by an established writer. Or, I can pick up a book or three for 2.99 or less. There are talented Indie writers out there. These days it takes less effort to find good Indie than to sort through stacks of the same old, tired, quivering-with-lust ____ (insert animal) erotica-masquerading-as-romance.

Quality problems are glaring in trade publishing, too. I’m going to start counting typos in paperbacks. I found a few in a hardback book the other day. For what I paid for the darn book, it should have been free of typos!

Until traditional publishing figures out that selling the same tired vampire, were-beast, billionaire, over-sexed, under-written books is why they are losing readers – they aren’t going to get my book dollars.

I buy a book a week, average – 52 books a year. That’s why I bought my e-book. I don’t have space in my house for all the books. I used to buy from bookstores, flea markets, Goodwill stores. Now I buy e-books via wireless connection – or webpage.