Paranormal Romance – Update

I’ve been hard a work on “Swallow the Moon” my second novel and first paranormal romance.

Two ‘Alpha’ readers read the manuscipt – both were very pleased with the story. There are still a few glitchy parts. I’ve got 5 chapters to edit, but the ‘blank spot’ is filled now.

It feels a little strange to have written a book so different from “Let’s Do Lunch” knowing this book is so much better.

The cover

Not because of the larger market, but because I learned so much writing the first novel.

“Swallow the Moon” is set in Ashtabula, Ohio. My hometown was hard hit by the economic downturn in the 1970’s and never recovered.  Even now, 40 years later, they are still trying to ‘bring back’ the town by enticing a manufacturing plant to locate in the area.  This makes for a great atmospheric setting for a paranormal. Adding the Harbor as the secondary setting makes it even more colorful.
“June called down the moon to find her one true love. A motorcycle from Hell dumped Eric on her doorstep. Now the devil wants his due.”
Welcome to Ashtabula Ohio, a truly God-forsaken place.

An accountant for a failing company, June longs for true love. In a Wiccan summoning ceremony, she swallows the moon in a effort to find her soul mate. What she gets is Ohio National Guardsman Eric Macmillan, who owns a cursed Suzuki Hayabusa, and two spirits: DEA agent Jake the Snake, and the malevolent stripper Cora Cobra.

Back from Afghanistan, divorced and un-employed, Eric is the third owner of a Suzuki Hayabusa. The other owners are dead, just not departed. He’s looking for the artist to repair ‘Cora’s’ snake-inspired paint job. When Eric arrives at the scene of Jake’s last sting, on a one-of-a-kind motorcycle, all hell breaks loose.

Van Man Go is the world’s greatest airbrush artist. He will repaint Eric’s Hayabusa, for the usual price. Like Cora Cobra and Jake the Snake, Eric must put his soul up for collateral. Cora and Jake failed to pay their debts, now the devil wants his due.

Somebody’s going to pay, and pay very soon. Who will it be?

Care to take a ride on the Hayabusa from Hell?

This novel is 90% complete. It will need to be formatted, line edited and beta tested before it is ready to release. I may even format it for paperback. I’m confident that marketing is going to be a whole lot easier – this book is going to speak for itself.
I’ve got a number of decisions to make before that point. Pricing and distribution are going to be different from “Lunch.” In fact I’m going to make some changes to “Lunch” to get word out about “Moon.”
For now, the first chapter of “Swallow the Moon” is posted to Goodreads. I’d like to see some traffic and feedback. I’m also looking for beta readers.

5 thoughts on “Paranormal Romance – Update

  1. K. A. Jordan says:

    I’m slowly getting the manuscript polished and I’m wondering what I should do with it. Should I take it Indie? Or should I shop it around?

    It could take a year to get a reply back and two more years to see it in print. I could be making money during that time if I go Indie.

    The draw back to this is marketing. While I have a wider ‘reach’ now than I did back in August – Sales of my first novel are still sluggish. Just one here and one there. I could drop the Amazon price – I’ve got ‘giveaway’ coupon codes going to the troops. But would that really sell books?

    The good news is “Moon” is a paranormal – and women are nuts over them. “Trade” publishers say that ‘ghost’ stories don’t sell. I might spend a year shopping it, but never sell it.

    Choices are great – but decisions shouldn’t be made on the fly.

  2. Madison Woods says:

    Sounds interesting Kat 🙂

  3. K. A. Jordan says:

    Have you got time to beta read for me? I’d like your opinion.

    I’ve got an interview with Zoe Winters that I want to publish here as part of the launch of this site and my book. She’s quite a good writer and a very interesting person in her own right. On top of that she’s one of the top selling Indie writers.

    The crack up put all my writing on hold. He’s been in and out of the hospital all summer – just got out last Monday. Got to go, he’s starving.

  4. Madison Woods says:

    I see Zoe a lot on Twitter – I’ll watch for your interview 🙂

    On Jan. 18 I have a court date (divorce). After that, I’ll have a better idea what I’ll be doing with my time. If I get to stay here, I’ll be able to read for you, but if I’ll be moving, there just won’t be any time. Drop me an email at the end of Jan to see what the status of things are 🙂

    • K. A. Jordan says:

      The dreaded “D” word. Bless you, lady, I hope all goes well.

      Had trouble getting hay until today. Now have family issues (parents) again.

      “Let’s Do Lunch” sold it’s first copy on B&N and I’ve got an editor working on “Swallow the Moon” so I’m staying busy in an effort to stay sane.

      Take care of yourself, everything and everyone depends on you!


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