The Death of Culture! (Oh My!)

Are there really two ways to look at writing? Is it an Art Form that is Sacred and somehow Magickal? Where the artistic must live tortured lives of poverty and disease – and die lonely and penniless in the city streets?

OH Pleeasssseeee! This is horse shit!

I feel that the pulp fiction moniker has set me free of the restrictions of the romance genre. IMO calling all Indie work “pulp fiction” takes the pressure off the price debate. The writer whose work is selling just fine at $.99 (71 pence) can say “Well, it’s a penny-dreadful – that’s where they sell.” And the person who charges “slick” prices ($3.99 and up) can shrug it off.

Everyone makes money, there is a bit of pressure to raise the price of the next book to “Dime novel” levels ($2.99 to $3.99) just to get away from the label of penny-dreadful, but if it doesn’t sell as a dime novel, then it doesn’t sell. We can stop worrying about what other people charge and get on with the business of writing and e-publishing.

Which brings me back to this–

“Literature and culture per se would die if every writer wrote only to satisfy a market bowing to instant monetary gratification.”- Authonomy Author

I keep looking at that statement, trying to make something positive out of it, but all it does is piss me off further.

Why do – errggg! – I don’t have any nice, or neutral to say to someone who has such a terminal cranial-rectile inversion. I could not stop myself from replying:

That sounds very British.
Oh, effing GAG ME!

Culture doesn’t pay the rent – but if you are independently wealthy you can be as literary and cultured as you like.

Me, I have bills to pay and elderly parents to take care of.

HOW DARE we insist on being – practical – when it comes to ‘Literature and Culture per se‘ by bringing filthy money into it? How ghastly and common of me. I should crawl back into my drafty ghetto apartment and die of TB like a good little artist.

Is there a puking smiley? I really need one. 8-<–

WTF is wrong with making a living doing something you love and are good at? I should sic Zoe Winters on this chick! (Just kidding, Zoe. Stay Zen girl and keep writing.) Making a living from writing may kill off ‘Literature and Culture per se‘ but WFT – it’s about time that mid-list and pulp fiction writers made some money.

The point is that the old Pulp Fiction magazines and books gave a lot of famous writers their start. They made their living pounding on typewriters – entertained millions of people. They put smiles on people’s faces, and became a beloved part of pop(ular) culture. Some of the books were forgotten, others are classics. How do you argue with the brilliance of Issac Asimov, mathematician?

You can’t argue with idiots – they aren’t smart enough to know when they’ve lost.


2 thoughts on “The Death of Culture! (Oh My!)

  1. I agree. The trick is to get to the finish line and never have to go to work for a living. I’m gonna make it.

    Dr. B, author, “The Mandolin Case”

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