More About That Tortoise – And Then Some

More About That Tortoise.

I had to read this post twice – because as someone burned when the bubble burst I wanted to scream “NOT AGAIN! NOT AGAIN!” stop writing and hide under a bed somewhere.

Once burned, twice shy – the saying goes. However, it’s not the thought of bubble bursting that has me hyperventalating.

Truth paraphrased -> fools rush in where professionals tread with care. Which means that while “Tiffany Wannabe” may be pumping out junk – the pro-writers with some serious backlist are starting to gently dust off books lovingly stored away for years. I’m waiting to see some ‘neo-classics’ from various genre appear in e-book format.

My reader-self is squeeing madly at the thought of having my old favorites available, as well as books I wanted to read, but never found because of the “book as produce” model.

My writer-self is shaking in her boots, because pro-writers with serious backlist…yeah, same reason.

I’m not worried about people who can’t write cluttering up the $.99 ghetto – I wasn’t planning on staying there. What I’m worried about is the release of millions of books of backlist. As ZW noted – there are over 3mil e-books on Kindle. What is this going to look like when there are 6mil, 9mil, 12mil – because of millions of professional quality backlist books released into the hands of loving fans, and the next generation of loving fans?


If it is hard to be discovered now – what is it going to take to get discovered when ‘The Real Writers’ bring out their back list?

For example – once the likes of Andre Norton is released – are modern women fantasy/paranormal writers going to sell books, or will the re-discovery of the Grand Dame of Sci-Fi blow the rest of us out of the running?

That’s what worries me.


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