Not What I Said (via Zoe Winters, Paranormal Romance Author)

Why shouldn’t writers sell their books at a price that makes them comfortable emotionally and financially?

I’ve tried selling my e-book at $3.25, $2.99, $1.99 and $.99. I sell more books at $3.25. I gave away 73 copies this month and feel good about it.

The whole point of being an Independent Author is the world ‘independent.’

For some unfathomable reason a few people (as in more than one) have thought that it was odd that I'm pooping all over 99 cent ebook buyers as if I don't want to have any readers who would pay or have ever paid 99 cents for an ebook. That is so far outside the zip code of what I said that it boggles my mind that anyone thought I said it. My entire point the past couple of days in this 99 cent discussion has been to explain: WHY I DO NOT CHARGE 99 … Read More

via Zoe Winters, Paranormal Romance Author

Trust Me? – Yeah – Right – NOT!

Start here with Kristine Katherine Rusch’s ‘Trust Me’ post for Business Rusch.

Now – if you came from the same ‘mean streets’ environment that I did – you can laugh until you cry – blow your nose, wipe the tears from your eyes and come back.

I’ll wait.

Done laughing yet?

KKR is serious. The publishing business has been one big scam of ‘trust me’ for years. No wonder agents are arrogant and contemptous of writers.

If you walk into a bad neighborhood with a bag full of steak, the pitbulls will come running and they won’t offer to walk you home. You will be lucky to get out alive.

Yet sites like Authonomy are full of people lining up to walk down that street – steak in hand – calling “Here doggie. Here doggie.”

I realise that I don’t have the temperment for ‘trade’ publishing my work. I wouldn’t like dealing with an agent. I would get blacklisted in no time. Because when somebody says “Trust me.” I start looking for the door.

KKR gains more respect from me with every post. She doesn’t sugar coat it nor does she appear to have an ax to grind. However, with every post I read, I understand why some guys like Joe Konrath DO sound like they have an ax to grind.

I also understand the bitter frustration that made Daryl Sedore write this book – “Publishing Exposed” to unmask some of the scams that appear rampant in this industry.

If someone did contact me with an offer to license either of my books, I don’t know what I’d do. Honestly. However, I certainly wouldn’t be blindly trusting them. Thanks to people like KKR, DWS and JK – I know that I need to trust my own instincts, instead.

Just in case you think I’m ignorant – take a look at this link. Dorchester – Leisure is selling e-books to which they have no rights.