A New Project!

I suppose this falls under ‘ohwhatthehelldidIdotomyselfthistime?’

I’ve started indexing, reading and editing my mother’s short story collection. Holy Jumping Keyboard Captain Marvel! There are 229 of these babies – and she wants to write them freaking LONGHAND? I’mgonnalosemymind!

Okay, here is the deal. Mom’s 87 – can’t cook, but still has a sharper mind than most tweenagers. I set up her laptop in front of the fireplace, d/l’d her story collection – printed one and we got started.

This is gonna take a while. But I think we can get a few of these short stories polished and posted. We are calling the series “The Icy Road Anthology” for the moment.

I’ve spend the better part of today rearranging my office so we have a big enough work area. She bought 6 binders and various office supplies to get set up.

Wish us luck – we are going to need it.

The Long, Slow Goodbye. (Or the meltdown resignation) (via Zoe Whitten’s Blog)

I understand exactly where this woman is coming from.

It is crazy hard to do what Indie authors have to do in order to get noticed. This Zoe has been at it four years and has yet to hit the ‘breakout’ stage.

No one knows why raw talent isn’t enough. No one knows what it takes to get to that elusive place where sales take off through the roof. But this Zoe isn’t the only one who can’t get their hands on that gold ring.

Take a look at this post from Joe Konrath, a follow up guest post from Guido Henkel.

Four years ago, I started an experiment and self-published my first story through Lulu. It was full of typos and first-time mistakes, and ever since then I’ve strived to put together a better book. In those four years, I have reached the point where my self-published books were as good as the pro books, and in some cases, mine were even better. I made tables of contents for mine, and lots of pros didn’t bother. I revised my ebooks when I found mi … Read More

via Zoe Whitten's Blog