The Militant Writer Blogs Again

A mere two years after her landmark blog post “The Talent Killers” Mary W. Walters is serving up a look at the brave new world that Indie publishing has become.

As a merely interested bystander in those days – I was horrified at the vitrol heaped upon someone who dared to tell the truth. The flame fest went on for weeks!

It was then I decided to do something different – I didn’t know what – or how – but I didn’t want to do business with the sneering ‘gatekeepers’ and those who toadied to them. I started to research my findings and blogged about them until I took the plunge myself.

Since then – the face of publishing has changed more than anyone has ever dreamed. It’s something out of an agent’s worst nightmare! The flood of ‘slush’ the agents so distained has turned into a gold rush for the cream of the crop. It is the reader who decides what they want to read – and genre long ‘dead’ or ‘blacklisted’ have sprung to life – without the blessing of the gatekeepers.

Rumors fly about agencies combing the Kindle Store to find clients because they aren’t getting first dibs on a huge slice of the e-book pie. Famous agents have gone part time or out of business completely. Millions of dollars has been made by a young woman with some good stories that were rejected by the ‘establishment’ of publishing.

I shouldn’t crow – but I can’t help it.

(an essay in five pieces) I. There are a lot of chickens running around these days trying to convince us that the literary sky is falling—and that if we don’t somehow find a way to slow or at least manage the digitization of book publishing, good writing is going to disappear forever. Well, guess what, kids and pundits? You can stop reading (and writing) those articles, and you can also stop debating the issue: the traditional world of books has … Read More

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