Pulled the Trigger on ‘Impressive Bravado’

I got to thinking (Danger! Danger!) that while I had ‘Impressive Bravado free on Smashwords until the end of May – it would take a very long time for B&N’s Pubit site to process the file.

I’ve been hearing horror stories. Days, weeks and even a month of processing time until the story would be on sale.

So – I thought – why not post it today?

The story peaked 3 days after I posted it to Smashwords. The hits have trailed off to nothing as of today – 10 days later. A $.99 price tag isn’t that much to ask – the story is funny enough. Sooo why not give it a shot?

I can’t lose anything on this one – and who knows – I might sell another book or two.

Meanwhile it’s still free on Smashwords for a couple more days. I’m not messing with the Smashwords edition – I’m not putting up an Amazon edition until the sale is over.

There – I’ve done something positive.


One thought on “Pulled the Trigger on ‘Impressive Bravado’

  1. K. A. Jordan says:

    This was a very interesting experiment. As long as ‘Impressive Bravado’ was free the copies went out. However, as soon as I put a pice tag on it – people stopped d/l’ing it. So it sits at 90 free copies out – zero copies sold on Smashwords, Amazon and B&N.

    This is true of my mother’s work as well.

    I can see why Indie writer’s get wrapped up in the ‘$.99 Debate’ when ‘Free’ moves e-books like hot cakes. But put a minimum price on it and everything comes to a screeching halt.

    This development requires some thought. I’m going to have to get a better handle on time management if this is going to work.

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