Publish your book or play the lottery? (via Bob Mayer’s Blog)

Bob makes a good point today with this post.

I don’t see DIY publishing as a lottery ticket. I see it more as a venue – kinda like standup comedy mike nights. I write because I love to do it – I publish because I want to.

All my other hobbies pay for themselves. This one should to.

His point about backlist is very well taken. Because now that more and more backlist is hitting the e-book shelves there are fewer and fewer indie books being sold.

What a pity – if I had only been ready a year sooner – I might have made big bucks.

Right – and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

One thing I see among many writers in these digital days is an overwhelming sense of wanting instant gratification.  Especially in this time of electronic wizardry where you can publish your eBook relatively quickly and then check your sales numbers the next day.  People are thinking in terms of days, weeks and months instead of years. While the technology has changed, I don’t think writing has, nor have the fundamentals required for success in p … Read More

via Bob Mayer's Blog


One thought on “Publish your book or play the lottery? (via Bob Mayer’s Blog)

  1. K. A. Jordan says:

    Maybe that was more flippant than I intended.

    The popular position is you put a novel or a collection of short stories up and collect the money. It’s popular for a reason – it worked for a few writers. But this was back when there were fewer books available. Indies had a better chance of being noticed when there were 100k or so books out there.

    But that’s not how it’s worked for me – now there are some 300k books and short stories on Kindle. As more professional writers post backlist that’s been published via trade the indie market has gotten a lot tighter.

    Marketing is a full-time job when you are hand-selling your work. I can spend 18 hours a day at my laptop to sell a handful of books a month. Right now I’m not doing that – so while the ads I have up are possibly getting my name or title ‘out there’ sales are dismal (1 for May, 1 for June.)

    Now that I’ve been at this for a year (in August) I can see why timing was so important to the people who did hit the market. Timing and the number of books the writer has for sale are VERY important. There are genre that are ‘hot’ and those that are ‘cold’ even in e-books.

    My chief frustration with the next book is the loss of my line editor. This is just the latest in a series of setbacks that have stalled the book’s release. Editing it by myself isn’t a whole lot of fun – meaning I’ve read the book so many times I don’t SEE the mistakes.

    For the time being, I’m going to work on my mother’s stories. I’m going to trust that her formidable grasp of English is enough. She certainly doesn’t appreciate my editing skills. LOL

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