The Passive Voice – On Changing Times

Passive Guy, of the Passive Voice, is rapidly becoming my favorite blogger. He sees the changes to the publishing industry with a cool head and a lawyer’s mind.

I appreciate that so much.

As admirable as J. Konrath is, he’s a very passionate man, which is a drawback while you are analyzing systems. PG, OTOH, is detached enough to see the big picture of Industry, even in the microscope of contract law.

 If you get nothing else from Passive Guy – think about this quote:

Disruptive innovation creates winners and losers. Authors will be big winners from disruptive innovation in publishing services.

 This might mean a whole lot more to people like me, who are familiar with wholesale disruptions in markets. (Think steel, cars and car parts – I was there in the 1970’s when the Rust Belt economy crashed.) I’ve said much the same thing WAY BACK on Jordan’s Croft in 2009.

What we have is a new market that hasn’t hit any kind of a saturation point racing parallel to trade publishing a mature industry that appears to have reached a saturation point. There is a muddy strip in the middle – but the two don’t overlap as much as they could.

Most DIY publishing is digital not print.

I don’t see the demise of trade publishing. It is a valid legacy system that has and will stand the test of time. The market might just fragment into zillions of paper micropublishers. It might not.

After all, the dinosaur is not dead – they just morphed into birds.



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