Year One – Lessons Learned

I’ve tried the $.99 price a couple of times this year. It hasn’t worked well for me.

Currently, I’m back at $.99 – but with the Smashwords S/W Promo, all my work is free this month.

I expect this to kill sales in the other markets for my current work.

HOWEVER – there is an ad for my new work in the free work. So I’m counting on this promo to spread the word about the new book.

The lessons I’m taking from this:

1) Always have my work priced high enough to accommodate Smashwords sales. If Short Stories are $.99, then novels will be $2.99. The new work can come in at a higher price and be discounted with a coupon.

2) I really don’t feel good about pricing my novels at $.99. However, I’m okay with short stories at that price.

3) Think in sales quarters – not days, weeks or months. There can be days or weeks between sales.

4) Advertising works SLOWLY. My Nookboards banner was up four weeks before I had my first sale.

Experiment – with an open mind.

I’ve been mulling over the release of ‘Swallow the Moon’ for a year now. I have a sales plan that might work better than simply posting the book, which is what I did last year. ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ has suffered for my ignorance. But, like any experiment, the lessons learned have been valuable failures.


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