More Complaints About Indie Books – More Great Blog Posts in Rebuttle

So many people who think terrible things are going to happen because a few hundred writers have published e-books. Even if it is a few thousand writers, what is the difference?

Snookie (whatever a ‘snookie’ may be) has a book. Barbara Bush’s dog Millie had a book. Sarah, the Gun-Touting Republican who wants to be Queen of America has a couple of books AND a movie. Even the Axis of Evil Administration has published books.

So why isn’t the Wall Street Journal screaming bloody murder about THEM?

If anything, the lies and partial truths (ghost writers and all) in the books mentioned above should have had the “Gatekeepers” slamming doors and throwing away the keys to the Publishing Kingdom.

Instead those jokers got paid BIG bucks to hire ghost writers and pretend they had something to say. Why is the Literary Establishment patting them on the back(side) and handing them wads of cash?

Nah – they’d rather point to the rise of ‘e-pulp fiction’ as the End of the World. It must be more fun that way.

So here are the links to the blog posts of ‘them that matters’ in the world of DIY publishing. These are better reading.

Joe Konrath :
Kristine Katherine Rusch:
Micheal Stackpole:

Batting for a Broken System There was a ridiculous article last week in the Wall Street Journal called “Cherish The Book Publishers – You’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone.” I was going to write a take-down of this, but Kris Rusch and Joe Konrath beat me to it. You should check out both their responses. Krus Rusch goes point-by-point, and Joe Konrath, in a post titled “The Tsunami of Crap”, laughs at the ridiculousness of it all: “Some people believe the ease of self-publishin … Read More

via David Gaughran

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