Perspective, Respected

There are bloggers and there are those whose words you can take to the bank. I’ve mentioned how much I respect the people who do the math and let you make up your own mind. It’s damn hard to argue with math. I’d like to – but putting everything in a spreadsheet and charting it makes it clear.

This morning I was browsing through the Smashwords giveaways. I’m a little stunned at how many copies of ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ have moved this month, at least 95. Total of all 4 e-book ‘units’ moved is 220. That is a phenomenal number.

Watching all those copies of ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ go out reminds me that I’ve got the advertisment for ‘Swallow the Moon’ in the back. I have my marketing plan for ‘Swallow the Moon’ in place. I’ve hit Nookboards and Kindleboards, blogged about the book and I’m working on plastering the image everywhere. This morning I posted ‘Swallow the Moon’ to I’ve been waiting for an ISBN number – I got one last night. So now the book will move through the different systems and into Goodreads.

**Pause while I try to get ‘Swallow the Moon’ to appear on Goodreads. Crap, the cover won’t show. But I did get ‘Impressive Bravado’ to show up as mine. **

I’m so glad I gave myself an extra 2 weeks to get all the details of this book in place before I try to ‘launch’ it. This is enough to drive me crazy – the added pressure of getting everything squared away in a few days…I’d end up in a ‘rubber room’ for a long time.

This is where the experience I got from “Let’s Do Lunch” is so valuable. I knew just how much work this was going to be. I expected problems, I expected to stumble over the details. With a year of sales data ready to be processed – I’m looking forward to crunching the numbers.

Just spent a couple of hours update spreadsheets and messing with charts. This is going to be time consuming.  I like playing with databases and spreadsheets. The difference between 8 sales x $.35 and 9 sales at $2.10 each is really clear in a small chart. $10 difference!

Keeping 3 vendors, 6 sub-vendors and 5 products straight is going to be a nightmare. I don’t know how I’m going to do it without an (EXPENSIVE) database. The first thing that has to GO is the price changes. Fixed that this afternoon, too. Everything is listed at the right price across the market.

My Hero, Dean Wesley Smith hit the nail on the head with his latest essay. How to kill your Indie career without even trying can be summed up in two words.


“Be impatient.” How’s that for a sound bite? Cooled my jets this morning, that’s for sure. I was wrapped around the axle about pricing again this morning, until I read all the way to the end.

So How To Avoid This Death?

— Think Long Term.

A novel selling twenty copies around the world for $4.99 will make you $35.00 per month, $420.00 per year, $4,200 in ten years.  If you got a $5,000 advance from a traditional publisher with an agent, you would lose your book rights for at least that long and make  $4,250 spread over three years.

— Keep Writing.

If you have ten novels selling ten copies, you make $350.00 per month, $4,200 per year, and $42,000 in ten years.

— Set Pricing.

Price your novel at a decent price like $3.99 or $4.99 or $5.99 and leave it alone.

— Stop Checking Numbers.

Check your sales numbers once a month. Let them alone, focus on producing more books and writing more books.

—Stop Comparing Yourself to Joe Konrath or John Locke.

They are on the fringes, just as you can’t compare your sales in traditional publishing to Nora Roberts or Stephen King. If you stay in long enough, you might become one with sales like them, but not early on.

—Keep Learning.

All your focus in the early years should be on learning. Writing and publishing and business. You can’t stop learning. And all your early stuff just consider good practice and if you make money on it, great, be happy.

— Celebrate Every Sale.

A reader thought your book was good enough to pay for. Trust me, that’s the highest compliment you can get. Period.

(Sigh) Common sense wins over peer pressure once again.

I don’t understand why people hate cliches` when they hold so much wisdom.

“Stay on course.”

I can handle that.


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