The Year in Numbers

I decided to post this, despite the fact the numbers are small.

If I include the Smashwords give aways as sales, the chart looks crazy. So those are out. But so you know, there were 74 ‘giveaways’ of ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ in March and 95 in July. The short stories which debuted for free had 380 total ‘sales’ between them.

This is just sales, it is not broken down by project.

  1. Smashwords – 380 total
  2. Amazon 2010 – 27
  3. Amazon 2011 – 15
  4. B&N – 30

All Smashwords sales are freebies.


One thought on “The Year in Numbers

  1. K. A. Jordan says:

    “Free Books Sell” should be the title of that little chart.

    However, now that I have over 1k invested in my books, I’d like to see some return for my money.

    As Scoobie says “ROTSARUCK!”

    The ridicule in the household is getting hard to take – especially as I shell out more money for paperback books. I hope this set up is self-sustaining once all the links are in place.

    It is important that I’ve done this – not that I succeed in it – but that I’ve invested in self and in my creativity. (Now, write that 100 times.)

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