Recycling or Exploring Themes?

As I sit down with book #3 – I wonder if I’m being innovative, or lazy to start with the themes from first book and rewrite it into something completely different.

If you take the viewpoint that ‘it’s all been done before’ then it doesn’t matter a lick if I re-write the first book. What is a series if not a recycling of setting and characters?

But the voices in my head don’t want me to get off scott free on this one. (Editorial voices – not the serial killer demonic voices. They are bored mindless with this discussion. They are interested in doing evil things with twitter.)

I’ll mull this over until the coffee is gone. Then I’m back to #amwriting.


2 thoughts on “Recycling or Exploring Themes?

  1. These kinds of thoughts run through my head too, Kat! Good to know I’m not the only partially sane writer in the ‘hood.

  2. K. A. Jordan says:

    Welcome to the ‘hood. 🙂

    There are so many variations on a theme. When I start asking ‘what if’ I keep coming up with all these plot-bunnies. They hop around, get under things and pop up unexpectedly in odd places.

    Sometimes I have too much going on in one book. I have to trim things a bit.

    How do you handle them?

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