The Results Are In – Smashwords

Photo by George Ducro

Now that the Smashwords giveaway is finished, I’ve got my totals.

Mom whipped my butt with 227 ‘sales’ of three stories.

While I had 197 copies go out,

132 of them ‘Let’s Do Lunch’

27 copies of ‘Swallow the Moon.’

Grand total = 423 copies downloaded.

I’m stunned. I’ve never seen numbers like that before. EVER!

Realistically, I can’t expect all those e-books to be read. Book hoarders typically fill their readers and never read 1/100th of what they have.

However, every one of those files had the links to our writer’s pages. There is the possiblity that a few people will read, like and spread the word.

My opinion: Mom has a following. Nearly identical numbers of her stories went out. 66 of each with 65 copies ‘Do You Have an Aunt Cecilia’ downloaded the first day.

Stay tuned to see if this translates into increased name recognition and sales down the road.


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