The Weaker The Better? (via Undecided)

Not sure how I found this site.

However, this is VERY interesting. It can also relate to writing ‘strong female’ characters.

One of the ‘weaknesses’ of my first novel is that Lindsey is torn between being a good daughter and being a business owner.

A reviewer expressed surprise that Lindsey didn’t like confrontations. She side-steps them with her family and her employees, which gets her into a whole lot of trouble.

The stereotype that a ‘business woman’ is hard and mean, confrontational and sarcastic is a deep one. However, it has been my experience that most women don’t like confrontations and WILL sidestep them.

But I degress – this is a good essay.

Women Role Models: The Weaker The Better? So says Carina Chocano, anyway, in Sunday's New York Times: enough with the "strong female characters," she writes, give 'em to us weak. Strangely, I think she has a point. And while I take issue with her choice of words, I think there's a lesson in here for those of us in real life, too. Where Hollywood offers us "strong female characters" who, as Chocano suggests, are "tough, cold, terse, taciturn and prone to scowling and not saying goodbye wh … Read More

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2 thoughts on “The Weaker The Better? (via Undecided)

  1. Madison Woods says:

    That is interesting. My main female character in Symbiosis is weak – at first. She grows to become strong without losing touch with her soft side, though. It seems like all the popular books feature kick-ass women, though, so I was worried mine wasn’t going to fit the mold.

    • K. A. Jordan says:

      I find the ‘kick-ass’ heroine is more Alpha-male than human.

      Since I don’t care for Alpha-males, KAH’s have no ‘wow’ factor for me.

      I’m sure I’m not the only person who would rather see a character develop than to have them pop up as cardboard cut-outs of Xena.

      Do it your way. It always reads better.

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