The 99 Cent Ghetto (via Zoe Winters, Paranormal Romance Author)

Zoe Winters on the ‘race to the bottom’ of e-book pricing.

I agree with her 100% – the pressure to sell books at $.99 is author created.

I also think that Amazon’s 70% royalty was engineered to get authors to raise prices. Why else would they pick the $2.99 price point?

My books continue to sell in a steady trickle at the $2.99 price point. I am content with that. When I feel like giving them away, I’ll do that at Smashwords like I did last month. Plenty of people took advantage of the free short stories and novels.

I WILL point out, just because it’s true, that Zoe and Joe both got their start at the $.99 price point. Zoe an unknown with novellas and Joe with books he couldn’t sell to NY.

However, they didn’t STAY there. As soon as they got the momentum they left the ghetto behind. They timed it right. My hat is off to both of them.

The conversation is taking place here:

I'm sure I'll piss someone off with this. But it's got to be said. I know there are people out there who believe that it's only a matter of time before the uppity authors (like me) who charge an actually decent price for our work have to grovel and crawl and beg for readers at the 99 cent price point. I call bullshit. I just don't buy that there will ever come a day when all ebooks are 99 cents or free. I just don't. You can't compare it to itune … Read More

via Zoe Winters, Paranormal Romance Author


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