New Cover for ‘Let’s Do Lunch’

Modern Cover
New Cover by Create Speace

This is the new cover for ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ – I’m so happy to have one that reflects the contemporary nature of the story.

I’m also pleased to say that the excerpt from “Lunch” is the most frequently hit post on my ‘Jordan’s Croft’ blog.
‘Let’s Do Lunch’ Discarded Scene is from McTaggart’s point of view. He is sitting in Open Group Therapy with several other soldiers, including Colonel James Bennette retired Green Baret.
The group challenges McTaggart to ‘get a job’ so he will stop sitting at home feeling sorry for himself. Bennett offers McTaggart a job as a gardener.
Unfortunately, this scene was one of my ‘darlings’ that I was forced to kill when I dropped all the non-estentail PoV scenes.

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