Tweeting & Tweaking

I joined #ShareTheLoveChain from Women’s Nest. #SampleSunday I enjoyed over 100 hits on the Discarded Scene from ‘Let’s Do Lunch’.

That was a big WOW!

However, it showed me that I’m not as organized as I should be. I’m still thinking of my primary blog as a personal discussion, when it’s my primary website.

I’m still working on lnking everything on Jordan’s Croft to the relevant sites. There are hundreds of opportunities for linking. (See the sentence above for an example.) There are links to the books on the character sketches.

Keeping up with the details is getting more complicated all the time. I’m looking around at my office, with the Whiteboard acting as a giant stickynote. There needs to be a better way to schedule my time…or maybe I should start scheduling my time.

Instead of saying “Mondy I clean house” maybe it should be something like “Sunday is #SampleSunday” and “Monday I update Jordan’s Croft with a 500 word post, write 1k words AND clean house.”

Something to ponder.


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