The Good News & The Bad News

The good news: In spite of a 5-day blitz of the laptop being FUBAR I managed to get the damn thing running again. I didn’t lose any files ( ’cause I had backups.)  This minor miracle meant that I could finally get the PDF of the ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ interior printed out.

It is SO pretty! These little dropcaps and everything. BUT I’m going to read it again and clean the hell out of it. One More Time. It might take a week. (EEEEKKKK!!!!!)

The bad news: 1 copy sold of LDL and StM on Amazon. El Zippo for the other sites.

I R depressed about that. (How depressed?) I haven’t signed into Kindleboards much. I’m also damn picky which posts I look at when I do. I’m not going to ‘waller’ in it – no matter how tempting that may be.


What I need are some great reveiws for a kickstart.


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