Adding a New Venture

Since it is so tricky putting books on sale DIY – and since I have several friends who have already written books – I started asking around about office space. Today, while I was on Main Street in E’town – I hit gold on my very first try.

The office space is large. It is AFFORDABLE, which amazed me. It is in an old Hotel…like the Iroquois Club…and the energy is marvelous. The place fairly hums with positive vibes and the desire to succeed.

The main thing an office will do for me, is make me focus. I can work on my books for 8 hours a day, instead of 18. Then when I’m home, I’m home. Not working, not marketing.

Now, I will tell you that my Real Life is COMPLICATED. So it is very hard to put boundries between when Kat is Working and when Kat is Home.

I already have 3 clients.

And then there are those odd serendipitous events that are re-enforced with mini-coincidences. Zoe Winters Blog today was a poke in the ribs. ‘Honoring Self’ is something that women don’t do enough. Men don’t have a problem with it. A guy will go overboard to pamper himself.

A woman will worry herself sick over it.


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