‘Impressive Bravado’ Revisited


My one short story ‘Impressive Bravado’ has not been able to meet the criteria for Smashwords Premium Catalog. It is another story that’s gone through 4 different word processing software over the years.

I sat down yesterday and did another editing pass on it to address a font issue as well as tighten it up. I like the story – except for the fact it’s in first person. Eventually, I’d like to turn it into a novel. Even though I would NOT keep the 1st person POV.

I have another Katie McCarty horse story on my hard drive. And also two other novella’s about horses. The thing is – I don’t want to write the steriotypical ‘Poor Girl wins Superhorse from evil Rich Girl.’

I know for a fact that horses get bought, sold – and swindled to and from owners quite a bit. Especially the expensive ones. However, value can plummet at the drop of a hat, or a rider, as in my Old Mare’s case. And injuries to back, hock and stifle can make Super Star like my old Black Gelding into a give-away.

What I want to write about are the quirky and sometimes crazy, horses that act up and act out. The Old Mare – back when she was a filly – was my personal obsession. My whole world revolved around her antics. She’s a nut, squirrel bait on the hoof. I fought her daily, to get some manners pounded into her head.

This evening she wanted to play with me, peeking over the backs of the other horses, spooking and racing off like I was chasing her when I so much as waved a hand. We used to spend hours together – now I hardly do more than feed her.

I came around the corner while she was drinking – jumped out and said ‘Boo!’ which sent her into squealing bucks all over the pasture. It was hilarious.

But I digress.

I wrote ‘Bravado’ thinking it was going to make some horse people upset. However, the people who’ve read it are city folk. So it was in my best interest to mellow it out  a bit, make the story more accessible.

We’ll see how this works.

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The Ethics of Perfection

Something strange happened as I was proofing ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ – Create Space will give you up to 80 corrections before you have to resubmit the manuscript.

I was at page 178 when I realized I would run out of free changes.

The first thing my mind said was ‘stop at 79 and screw it.’

I could do that – or I could take a big girl pill and fixed the GDMF mistakes I made.

Am I a big girl – or am I a cheapass?

Good question.

Added 9/7/11

Once I got started looking at the errors – and the contract – it said ‘changes to text’ which these aren’t. They are changes to punctuation. I submitted what I had – we’ll see what comes back from them.

Everything is negotiable, well, not everything, but you never know until you ask.

So I will ask. The worst they can do is tell me ‘no.’