Details, Details, Details

Yes, I again find myself awash in details that need to be tweaked.

This blog hasn’t been updated properly – had to fix that. How can I expect to sell books if the book pages are not complete?

Got a very relevant comment today on an old post:

 I don’t mean any offense but it sounds like you really need to make a game plan. It almost sounds like you had absolutely no strategy but just to write it, basically. This post sounds panicked, disjointed. It really does.

I had no game plan when I published ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ and the book has suffered for my ignorance. Even now, a year later, I have yet to find an affective way to market my e-books.

Also, try to listen more closely to Zoe Winters, IMO. I mean, by your own admission here you only sold 4 copies per week at the 99 cent price point. That’s $1.75 a week. And then you said “oh shit” when that $1.75 was pulled from under you.

Do you see how this sounds? I don’t think I would even want to admit that in a blog post under my own name as a writer. Seriously.

I understand. However, I’d rather be truthful than lie and say everything is just ducky. It isn’t.

Take your book back to a critique group for an overhaul, and when it’s been revised and upgraded to death then republish it. Then work on your marketing a lot. Maybe the cover needs to be changed.

Did that – we shredded it and put it back together. Changed the cover. Brought it out in paperback so I can sell it to a local market.

I suspect the scope of the book is part of the problem. The opening is slower than it should be. I’ve cut 20 pages from the first 3 chapters, which helped.

something has got to change in regards to your story, you can’t just toss it up online for 99 cents in 2011 and expect it to sell like hot cakes. You’ve got a million other writers vying for that same 35 cents you’re so hungry for.

Very true. The book continues to sell a copy or two each month. So I know some of my marketing efforts have not been in vain.

I believe the books biggest problem is that it didn’t get reviewed on any of the romance blogs. I sent it to several – but for one reason or another (pace?) they didn’t review it. Luck has not be with me – or that book.

Now I have a second book out – I did a book launch and some 30 copies went out – but as yet only 2 reviews came back. There is a banner ad on Nook Boards, which gets me a few B&N hits.

This is not an easy business to break into. I’ve come to realize that I can spend 18 hours a day hand-selling books online. Or I can write and have a life. Until a reviewer with a large following gives the book a good review, it isn’t going anywhere.


5 thoughts on “Details, Details, Details

  1. Catana says:

    I looked you up on Goodreads. Your books are there, but you aren’t. You should consider becoming a Goodreads author.

  2. Catana says:

    Yeah, All that came up when I searched your name was a regular profile page, not your author page.

  3. K. A. Jordan says:

    I may have done something wrong when I set it up.

    Most problems are operator errors.

  4. Catana says:

    I figured it out, I think. You made the same mistake I did, initially. Your name on the blog and your books–K. space A. That’s how it looks on the author page that is automatically created when your books are listed on the site. It’s just a variation on every member’s profile. On your Goodread author’s page that you created– K.A. –no space.

    You need to change your GR author’s name to match the books, or change the book covers to match your GR name.

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