Are We Off to the Sea?

Bob Mayer is on a rant, because other people were on rants. According to him some guy named Tobias Buckell is slinging the f-bomb at all Indie writers.

OMG – the Great Ones are thumping their chests, calling names and slinging f-bombs!

I think this goes back to Barry Eisler calling trade publishing writers ‘house slaves.’ And a smack on the nose to Konrath who claims they all have Stockholme Syndrome.

Lot’s of passionate rants later (rolling eyes) I’ve decided they are ALL full of sh!t. More twitchiness than ever because ALL writers have options – and the herd mentality on both sides would have us jumping off cliffs like so many lemmings.

In fact, I skipped over to the Tobias Buckell site just to see what he actually said.

Surprise, surprise – the titles didn’t match, nor did the retoric. In fact, Bucknell appears to be protesting the whole ‘lemmings off to the Sea’ mentality in favor of…drum roll…freedom to choose!

Holy Cliff Jumping, Captain Marvel! I see a glimmer of common sense!

OH NO! What’s that? It’s a bird! It’s a plane!


It’s Wonder Woman!

Er, no, it’s Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

Here’s a quote:

Cling to your dream. Work for your goal. If you step off the path, climb back on the moment you realize you’ve veered in the wrong direction.

You will make mistakes. You will take the wrong path. The key is to come back to yourself, and come back to the right road for you.

Ahh, yes, a voice that speaks sense without any chest-thumping or f-bomb slinging.

We are saved!


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