A Message to Nook Owners

I’m a Nook owner myself, and I understand perfectly where other Nook owners are coming from when they complain about KDP Select.

For me as a writer, this exclusive is only for 90 days. I expect that my sales will drop back to a ‘pre-Select’ level in a few weeks. By that time, there may be some pent up demand for ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ on B&N.

Meanwhile – “Swallow the Moon” the book most likely to succeed on B&N long term has still sold ZERO copies. I used to have better B&N sales than Amazon. Then something happened and all my sales stopped.

It may have been that ‘Nookboards’ changed hands and formats. It took me months to figure out how to set my profile back up. My threads no longer contained book covers – I didn’t have a signature line. None of the Moderators had been taught how to use the software, so they couldn’t help me either.

There wasn’t any way for readers to find my Books on Barnes & Noble website. Their system isn’t streamlined. Nor can Indie writers advertise on the site itself. Advertising on Nookboard doesn’t make up for that.

The only way for me to advertise is word of mouth, and I can’t get that on the B&N website, or on Nookboards. I’ve still got a banner ad up for “Swallow the Moon” my 2nd book – it’s got a whopping 1 or 2 hits per day in December. Still not a single sale. “Swallow the Moon” has sold 4 copies since July, 1 of them in November.

How do I justify leaving  “Swallow the Moon” up on Barnes & Noble when I can’t get it noticed, even after paying for advertising on Nookboards since July? I’ve given way 54 copies on Smashwords – had ZERO sales on that site.

As a writer, I can only shake my head in utter frustration.

I took my oldest book ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ to KDP Select on 12/12/11 and watched it come back to life. This was from December 18th – AFTER ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ was off the Free Chart:

UK Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #341 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) 
#1 in Books > Fiction > Erotic > Adult Fiction 
#5 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Romance > Romantic Suspense 
#5 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Thrillers & Suspense 

I was SURE that my B&N sales would take off come December…but they didn’t. Not a single copy of ‘Swallow the Moon’ sold, though I’m giving away ‘Impressive Bravado’ and have a banner ad on Nookboards.

I contacted B&N’s Pubit in June and asked if there was a way for them to promote “Swallow the Moon” or make it free for a few days in exchange for an exclusive launch on their site.

I didn’t get an answer.

Bob Mayer was able to get an exclusive launch with them. His book was free for 5 days. His book was a HUGE hit on B&N – so he brought that success with him when it went to Amazon.

(I was GREEN with envy, but I’m no Bob Mayer.)

I think Amazon saw that – and jumped on that idea like a duck on a Junebug. Only they threw it open to everyone.

Which brings us to date.

If I could have done the same thing on B&N, I would have. I still would, because I own a Nook and I think competition is a wonderful thing. But no-one was given the option at B&N.

Maybe if their customers complained, B&N would get the message. However, I’m afraid they are a Brick ‘n Mortar company struggling to become an Internet Company. While they can make a few changes over time, they can’t give the ‘best and brightest’ in IT free rein because they are basically afraid of technology. (If they weren’t the Nook wouldn’t NEED to be rooted.)



2 thoughts on “A Message to Nook Owners

  1. dieta says:

    I really have no problems with this from a business standpoint (a corporate charitable or moral discussion may be different). I understand the publishing is a business and that businesses must make the best financial decisions for them. I understand Amazon is feared because its goal isn’t in concert with publishers. One librarian has suggested that if library patrons bought just one more copy per year, it would equal the entirety of the library market which is around 10%. While there are statistics to indicate the physical book lending has led to sales, there is no data that this is true for digital book lending. Of course, digital lending library is in its infancy and thus making predictions now on whether it will decrease or increase purchases is dangerous. But digital library lending is thought by some to lead to the overall devaluation of content.

  2. K. A. Jordan says:

    I think that content has already been devalued, buy the flood of ‘Dollar Dreadfuls’ into the various markets.

    I’m very puzzled when authors of dollar dreadfuls put their books on KOLL – they are saying “it’s already dirt cheap – but now borrow it for free.

    When it gets down to it – I gave away 7.1k e-books myself. I have no room to talk.

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