He Shot the Laptop?!

There’s acting out – like what a 15  year old girl would do – then there’s the guy that shot his kid’s laptop out of frustration with her behavior.

The link goes to a video of a frustrated father whose teen vented her spleen on Face Book.

However – this guy is just as bad as his bratty daughter. He expresses his anger (I’m sure there was some hurt there, too.) Then he empties a .45 clip into her laptop.

Dude, I can see that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree here.

Daughter acts out – so Daddy acts out? Looks like both of them could use anger management classes.

My assessment is they are both wrong.

Oh I’m not painting daughter as the victim – but Daddy’s little girl might have learned her coping skills from Dad – and Daddy – you’re seriously deranged if you think this is going to change your daughter’s behavior  for the better.

The war is on and Daddy just upped the anti – big time.

2/11/12 Edited to add:

Okay – I need to add this, I get just as frustrated with my husband’s motorcycle obsession. I once found a photo of some slut on the back of his bike and blew my stack.

I told him, in NO uncertain terms, that if he EVER allowed another woman to plant her ass on that bike, I would take my .380 to it and empty a clip into the GD-MF bike.

Which is why I’ve got these really cool professional pictures with the red background.