He Shot the Laptop?!

There’s acting out – like what a 15  year old girl would do – then there’s the guy that shot his kid’s laptop out of frustration with her behavior.

The link goes to a video of a frustrated father whose teen vented her spleen on Face Book.

However – this guy is just as bad as his bratty daughter. He expresses his anger (I’m sure there was some hurt there, too.) Then he empties a .45 clip into her laptop.

Dude, I can see that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree here.

Daughter acts out – so Daddy acts out? Looks like both of them could use anger management classes.

My assessment is they are both wrong.

Oh I’m not painting daughter as the victim – but Daddy’s little girl might have learned her coping skills from Dad – and Daddy – you’re seriously deranged if you think this is going to change your daughter’s behavior  for the better.

The war is on and Daddy just upped the anti – big time.

2/11/12 Edited to add:

Okay – I need to add this, I get just as frustrated with my husband’s motorcycle obsession. I once found a photo of some slut on the back of his bike and blew my stack.

I told him, in NO uncertain terms, that if he EVER allowed another woman to plant her ass on that bike, I would take my .380 to it and empty a clip into the GD-MF bike.

Which is why I’ve got these really cool professional pictures with the red background.


10 thoughts on “He Shot the Laptop?!

  1. Christy Hayes says:

    It’s like that commercial where the guy bangs his fist in frustration and his daughter sees him and she gets in trouble at school, gets kicked out, meets a loser at the arcade, gets married to the loser, and dresses her son in a dog collar all because she followed her dad’s lead. Scary, funny, but true!

    • K. A. Jordan says:


      It WAS just a laptop – and the symbolism is excellent. But was it good parenting? Don’t think so.

      But I don’t have kids, so I really can’t be the judge. I DID threaten to shoot my husband’s M109 if he put another woman’s ass on it.

  2. haparker321 says:

    I beg to differ; I support Dad wholeheartedly. He bought the computer and upgraded.


    • K. A. Jordan says:

      He did – he owns the laptop and the gun.

      But when it all boils down – he’s going to have to BUY ANOTHER LAPTOP. She’s got to have it for school.

      So what does he get out of this? 15 minutes of fame (or flame) and he’s still out the money for not 1 but 2 laptops.

      It was a complete waste of energy on his part.

      • haparker321 says:

        He’s not obliged to do anything; if she wants the laptop, get a job. School does not require her to have a laptop at that point. Teenagers don’t need laptops only for research, and there’s plenty of libraries that have them.

      • K. A. Jordan says:

        I was never a pampered princess. My mother would have simply beaten my ass for carrying on like that.

        She always was one for the direct approach.

      • haparker321 says:

        Well since your solution is an actually (effective) money saving alternative, I would have to concur.

  3. Brava on the excellent exit line…very Arrested Development. “And that’s how I got these lovely pictures.” YES. 🙂

  4. With so many kids out there who would love to have a laptop but can’t afford it, the dad could have donated his daughter’s to one of them! Why destroy something that could have been useful to someone else?

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