Awsome Indies -Paranormal Romance

‘Swallow the Moon’ has been selected to appear on Awesome Indies Paranormal Romance¬†page.

I’m hoping for a review to follow.


Badlands Rescue


FREE from K. A. Jordan РBadlands Rescue

Ellen O’Grady is on a mission – unfortunately she needs her ex-husband Green Beret Daniel O’Grady to help her. Their son Danny’s plane has crashed on a remote badland’s mesa.

She has Air Force Captain Evan Smith to help her – but only Grady knows the terrain well enough to get them in and out before a big snow storm hits.

Can she keep the two headstrong men from killing each other AND save the survivors?

Dumping her ex-husband in the horse-trough is just the beginning. There is a storm coming – in more ways than one. Lives are at stake and Ellie is determined to save them all!