Gone Fishing

I’m taking a break from blogging and from writing.

I haven’t posted it here, but I lost my Mother this January. It was sudden and I’m simply not myself right now.

This is one of those times that define a person. Or in my case – I feel I’ve been un-defined.

I’ve gone through the motions, these last few months, without being able to accomplish a darn thing. “Swallow the Moon” has a paperback proof sitting in my home office – untouched. My downtown office is closed – the place where I finally finished “Let’s Do Lunch” as a paperback and where I did most of the work on “Swallow the Moon” and “Tempest in a Teapot” sat abandoned for a couple of months before I got up the energy to move out.

I had planned to¬†go to Ashtabula Harbor for the Beach Glass Festival and sell paperbacks. But even that requires more energy than I currently have to burn. Maybe I’ll get there – as a visitor – and do some research.

I went fishing with some girlfriends last weekend and came back with just enough of a clear head to acknowledge that I don’t have a clear head. I’m bummed out – exhausted and burned out on the Internet in general and marketing in particular. I want to enjoy my house and my animals – ride my motorcycle and maybe go fishing some more.

One day a character will form in my head and I’ll sit down in my office to write. I know this because after 40 years of writing it has never failed me. But some times it’s best to let them ferment before I put them on paper.