So many authors were stranded, left unpaid and unable to sell their books or get the rights back.
I’m happy for them.
I’m also interested in seeing the Dorchester back-list back on sale. That should be great for readers.

The “Pond Crossing” Debate of English Usage

Now here is a post that throws down – OMG – can’t the Brits get with the program? 😉

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England and America are two countries divided by a common language. – George Bernard Shaw

Like all Europeans, I was taught the English language as it is spoken in the country of its origin:England. I was drilled in spelling, grammar and punctuation for many years, having my fingers slapped when I made mistakes and made to write each misspelled word ten times. In this way, British English was tattooed into my brain. When I started writing professionally, I thought that this would be a great asset. Indeed, when I worked with editors at publishing houses in Ireland, I was complimented on my clean copy and my good spelling skills. I thought then, that spelling the  British way correctly would be a  good thing when I launched my books into the e-book market. This turned out to be a mistaken assumption.

Naturally, having read a lot of American books, I know English is…

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