The Food Thing


A box of eggs.

Like most women I have a weird relationship with food. I’m the chief cook in the family, but many days I’d rather not cook and I don’t really want to eat. But everyone else is hungry.

Then there is the “Glam-factor” that says any woman bigger than a size seven is obese. (Hollywood, I HATE you!) I haven’t been that small since the summer I lived on diet pills and ciggaretts – and what a health diet THAT was.

Anyways – my point concerns food, as in cooking, eating, dieting – and the New Years Resolutions that we make and break. The cycle is one of guilt, shame and remorse – over and over. (sigh) It gets tiresome.

This year, I’m setting goals. Things I’m going to DO instead of things I resolve to stop doing. My food goal is to add some of the South Beach Diet (SBD) recipes to our normal diet.

I’m bored to death with the same stuff I’ve cooked for years. I want to try some new foods, so I’ve decided to try some of the menu items I’ve seen in the SBD. This is quite different from ‘Going on a Diet,’ which doesn’t really work. 

However, I know a lot of people who learn to cook new meals.

There’s nothing better than NOT starting a diet…hehehe.


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