Signs of Spring?

june 2010 038I went outside last night and heard those funny noises – you know the ones I mean – not sure if they are bugs or what, but they are a sure herald of spring.

The geese, or at least one goose, is laying an egg every day or so. The chickens have stepped up production. I got 15 eggs the other day. I know there are a couple of slackers in the bunch, but I’ve never figured out how to tell who’s slacking unless I stand over them and check numbers all day.

The new e-books are coming along. I’ve got more work to do on Part 1. Part 2 is WAY too long. I have it printed out and I’ll get to it. It is starting to look like I’ll have the series published on schedule. WOW – it feels good to be working again.

Last year – I was in a dark and distant place. There is so much that went over my head and so many things I handled badly if at all.

This year, I’m hoping to do better.


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