Pesky Details

Modern Cover

New Cover by Create Speace

I’ve had my books published via Kobo Writing Life for several months now. There was some talk that Goodreads reviews would be carried over – after a couple of months.

Been waiting and wondering why that blessed even hadn’t occured.

I finally figured it out – ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ has reviews from Goodreads. ‘Swallow the Moon’ does not – and I got this really great review that I wanted to share. So I went through the Kobo settings with a fine toothed comb.

Then I compared the Goodreads settings for each book to Kobo. This is what I found – the ISBN-13 weren’t in Goodreads. I had ASIN and ISBN-10 instead. So I got no reviews.

Once I fixed that – I have the reviews!

The tiny details are the ones that mess things up.


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