Tick-tock, Tick-tock – Waiting to Publish


Happy Easter

Shades of ‘The Tell-tale Heart’ – I sit in my den, banging away at the laptop, listening to the clock tick and getting antsier by the moment.

Maybe it’s the coffee?

I want to publish ‘The Emissary’ right this very moment. I was up until two A.M.  working on the prologue and the blurb. I’ve handed it off for a final read-through to some trusted readers – and the copy editor – for one-last-look-before-I-pull-the-trigger.

I tried to clean stalls yesterday – didn’t get very far. However, it was progress. Top it all off – I’ve got a freaking cold – on Easter Sunday, AND I’m out of chocoate!

Not that I’m whining (whinging for my UK friends) mind you.

There always seems to be those last-minute tweaks: A bit of this, a dash of that, a missed word, a comma misplaced. And for dyslexics like myself, the possibility that I didn’t catch a correction. (Maybe it’s old age and blindness, not dyslexia?)

I’m excited to have this little action-adventure story out into the world. It’s a fun read, very ‘Girl-Power’ for horsewomen and the guys will like it too. (No mushy stuff…in Part 1). I think the understory, the difference between our ‘techno-dependent’ culture and a the ‘Earth-first’ application of that technology, will come out without sounding preachy. The women of Dunvegan have embraced the need to turn back the clock – while the men of Fort Chatten cling to technology that will quickly wear out.

One might be able to recycle bullet casings, but the technology that created the refined gunpowder is gone, along with 80% of the population. One might be able to distill alcohol to fuel a truck, but the parts will wear out. There is always a more successful scavenger up the food chain – so things like gas, tires, bullets and food become instantly scarse – and get more expensive with every day that passes. Meanwhile, currency has lost it’s value, credit cards are useless and without fuel and fertilizer – where does food come from?

Not long ago – I expressed the opinion that Dystopian has a hold on us because there is an inner ‘wild beast’ that wants to shed the trappings of civilization and roam free once again. We each have a wild side – one that wants to hunt, gather and howl at the moon. That’s why we grow restless in spring – it’s time to pack up and migrate to fresh grass and new places.

Well, this spring is late – someone needs to shoot the groundhog.

Meanwhile, the clock ticks and I’m chomping at the bit.

Final Draft – Finally

Cover by Katie W. Stewart

‘The Emissary’ is an adventure tale, set in a world in ruins. The Zombie Apocalypse was two years ago – the survivors are struggling to hold their own against the muerto – the walking dead. In order to survive, humanity has to band together.

Beth McLeod is determined to make happen. She is the Emissary.

Cover artist – Katie W. Stewart – gets full credit for this lovely cover.

I’m done procrastinating.


I’ve got the final edits to ‘The Emissary’ text and am working on front and back matter today. Some time tonight I will publish the story.

It is a matter of where it will go up first.

A year ago, there would have been no question – I would publish to Amazon and KDP Select for the 5 free days. It would have tied up the e-book for 90 days, but (a year ago) it would have given the book plenty of exposure.

Unfortunately, this business has already changed so much that Amazon exposure is no longer a guarantee of success. In fact, Barnes & Noble, once my best market, hasn’t given me a sale in an entire year.

Not one.

Kobo, oddly enough, has provided me with more sales than B&N. Even odder, ‘Impressive Bravado’ is my best selling e-book.  (Everywhere but Amazon. ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ is my best seller on Amazon.)

It was the success of ‘Impressive Bravado’ that led me to writing ‘The Emissary.’ I think there is a market for horse stories – or should I call them “Equine Adventures” instead?

However, I can’t see any giveaway numbers on Kobo. Therefore, there is no sense in going there first. I’ll never know how the book did.

That leaves me charging a pittance for it – not a good way to introduce a series. IMO, if I introduce the e-book for cheap, I’ll never get my money back out if it. (I learned that from ‘Swallow the Moon’ the hard way. After 2 years sales are sluggish to non-existant. It does well as a freebie, but that’s it.)

Smashwords is great – as a distributor. But it will take 3 months to get an idea of how well the e-book does. Worse yet, it will take at least 6 MORE months, if not a year, to get paid. My intention is to put out a quarter of the e-book every few weeks.

So I have a lot to think about – today – because this book is going out in the next day or so. I want it on sale this weekend – somewhere.

Stay tuned.

Spring is Coming!

True, the weather can’t make up it’s mind about what to do, but the peepers are making a huge racket in the back acres. It started raining last night – and rained like crazy all day. We just need a few days of warm weather to kick start the grass.

The chickens are laying great. The ducks are leaving eggs in the straw. I get a goose egg every other day.

So the signs of spring are all over the place.

I’ve got a dozen Buff Orphingtons on order. We’ll have chicks even if none of my yearling hens go broody. I’m hoping the four Buffs will set and give me some homegrown chicks. If nothing else I’ll sneak a few Buff eggs into the duck nest. The ducks always hatch chicks for me.

I’m looking forward to having baby geese, too.


Dear Sprint:

I hate your envelopes.

They are a royal pain in the @ss to open and re-using them is akin to a puzzle box full of razor blades.

You may think you are ‘saving the environment’ – but all you are doing is irritating a customer.


Kat Jordan