Spinning, Fuzz and Plastic Shopping Bags?

Digital CameraI was bitten by the crochet bug many years ago. Unfortunately it was one of those hobbies that I enjoyed, but wasn’t at all good at. I’ve made a couple of hats, scarves, several afgans and now 2 shawls to my credit.

There are also a few oddities, like plant hangers, a gourd hanger and…these shopping bags and project bags. Wait – I need to take pictures.

Okay, got it.

These are shopping bags and project baskets made from..ta-dah! – plastic shopping bags. You know, the ones that blow in the wind, sending horses into free-fall panic. They appear everywhere and don’t seem to have any use, beyond being small trash bags.

When you cut them up into loops to create ‘plylarn’ the world opens up into possibilites that boggle my mind.

The first image is a project basket. I use it to carry my spindle, wool, etc. It is roomy enough to put a lot of stuff in it. Also, it can be scrunched up pretty small. The second picture is a shopping bag, with yarn crocheted into it for more support, as the bags will stretch out of shape. It is amazing what you can stuff into one of these. We are talking 4 dozen eggs!

Also in the first picture are two other project baskets. One is very small and round, and full of yarn in the picture.

My obession is getting pretty deep. Last night, while watching TV, I cut up dozens of plastic shopping bags. I store them in a valet case so they aren’t scattered all over the house.

It almost works. 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks, while I wait for my books and my kick spindle to come in.

Digital CameraDigital Camera

Strange Things Happening

A few days ago, there was a hole dug under my barn. Then, after a tremendous rain, I found this – a small, still-born body of what appears to be a skunk.


I have a sensitive nose, and I can smell a skunk from a good distance. I haven’t smelled one in my barn. I suspect, if there is one nesting under my tack room, she’s in stealth mode. Image

Confession of a New Obsession – Spinning

Foot kick spindle

I’ve always been a spinner of tales. Sometimes, I need something to do with my hands and my mind while I’m working on a story.

The usually thing is to play Spider or other game of solitare. However, after 4 novels, I’m utterly bored with card games. So I started crocheting about the same time I started working on ‘The Emissary.’

The trouble is that there really isn’t a lot of choice in yarn out there.

I wanted a red, white and blue yarn or a green and white yarn. Niether of which I was able to find.

And the selection of dark natural colors was also limited. I couldn’t find what I wanted at a price I could afford.

I started with a drop spindle kit from Amazon. Which got me looking for a local teacher. When I found one, I started looking for some local with wool.

I found that, too.

Then I found a Llama rescue organization.

It’s only taken a couple of weeks to get in this deep. Luckily I had sense enough to say no to the lovely person who offered me 2 fiber llamas.

It doesn’t take very long to get in over your head these days. Just type in a question on Google.

The llamas arrive in May.


Drumroll – Please!

TheEmissaryFinal - part 1

I started uploading ‘The Emissary’ to e-book vendors last night.

I feel its premature to sound the horns and all that. I’ve no idea how long Pubit will take to process the e-book. However, sometime after midnight – I uploaded ‘The Emissary’ to Barnes & Noble’s Pubit.

The reason I’m not crowing: it can take 2 months to get an e-book actually available on B&N.

That’s right – TWO MONTHS.

So there would be, IMHO no more foolish action than to start plugging the poor book before it was actually available.

The last e-book I uploaded to Kobo took 3 weeks to process. Another place where you don’t want to upload at the last minute before you start advertising.

Smashwords, while painfully slow to pay – is usually good about getting the e-books available all but instantly – if you can get passed the AutoVetter of Meatgrinder.

Amazon – well – yes, it’s faster, however there are SO many e-books this one may never make a splash.

So I’m doing this a small step at a time. See if I can get the turtle-slow vendors in place first.

You DO know that I want to shout this from the rooftops, right?

I’m being SO restrained – it’s like a scene from 50 Shades of Tie Me Up and Spank Me.

No, really!

‘The Emissary” on Nook book.

“The Emissary” on Kobo Books