Spinning Class Today

I’ve been very busy practicing the little bit I know about spinning. It’s not much, after all is said and done. But carding and spinning is so soothing that I’m doing more if it, and less writing.

Not that I’m giving up on my books – I’m still plugging away at ‘The Emissary – Part 2’. I’m just not spending so much time frozen in place in front of this laptop.

There is a lot about Part 3 that needs work. I can work better while my hands are busy. Which is why I do my very best plotting while cleaning stalls. The focus is on something else, I can refine and discard ideas until something ‘pings’ true.

I’ve finished my kick spindle in light pecan finish. I’ve carded (using dog brushes) about half my bag of alpaca – picked burs out of it until my fingers are sore. And spun until I’ve got about 100 yards of singles.

The problem is the fiber is really, really dirty. To the point it feels greasy and washing it with normal soap didn’t get any of it out. I used shampoo on the second batch – which did a better job of cleaning it. It felt cleaner, anyway.

So I’m off to learn something new today!

We created an art bat today. That’s a short way to say “mixed together small amounts of wool in pretty colors” then we all got a portion to spin. We did okay, it was a mix of golden brows, choclate brown, white, sparkle and green. Very pretty!


2 thoughts on “Spinning Class Today

  1. Leah says:

    Nice! Spinning and carding are both great thinking time too..I love that. Btw, try Dawn dish soap. It’s a grease cutter and highly recommended for wool. Even though alpaca doesn’t have lanolin, it will probably work quite well. I also watch my fiber is small batches..I can only card so much at a time and I find it gets it cleaner.

    • K. A. Jordan says:

      I’m buying a set of cards so I can play with fiber combinations.

      I have two dog brushes that I’m playing with at the moment.

      Presently, I’m still spinning chocolate alpaca – on my second bag of it. It’s pre-drafted and a dream to spin on my kick spindle.

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