Kick Spindle – Makeshift Bobbins

My inspiration for paper bobbins.

I’m a rank beginner at spinning. Just started in March and I’m not really sure what I’m doing yet.

One thing I noticed is that switching spinning projects is a hassle. I have to wind off onto something, like a niddy noddy, before I really know if that’s what I want to do or not.

So – I was surfing around and found someone who put a short length of PVC pipe on his/her kick spindle for a bobbin. They secured it with a cotter pin.

I thought it was a brilliant idea!

But I don’t want to marr the surface of my brand new kick spindle.

So…now what? How about I use something less rigid, more like…paper?

The shaft of my kick spindle is longer than an index card. I could wrap an index card around it, tape that down and it would slide off no problem.

Actually, there was a bit of a problem because the index card ‘floated’ around the shaft. But I used a wooden skewer inside the card to ‘lock’ it into place.

Now I can slid an index card bobbin into place, spin what I want for as long as I want, then remove the bobbin when I want to change projects.


Now, I need to figure out a way to make a ‘lazy kate’ bobbin rack so I can ply yarn.

Thoughts on Spinning Wheels.

I’ve sold a number of my laying hens to re-invest in spinning equipment. I’ve ordered a set of wool cards with the money I made off the hens. Now I’ve been thinking about a spinning wheel since I started this. After all – isn’t that what you do when you’re a spinner?

But, do I really NEED a spinning wheel?

I’m thinking ‘not really’ – mainly because I at such a basic skill level. Nothing I do requires something so high-speed.


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