Merrily Spinning Along

Aqua yarn and the very last batt.

Aqua yarn and the very last batt.

It was just a week and a few days ago that I bought a bunch of fiber. I’m serious – I bought a pound of fiber locally and another half pound at the Fiber Festival. I’ve worked my way deep into this stash.

One of my first projects was to spin this aqua dyed-in-the-wool coopworth batting. I bought 8 oz, which was just two bags and four batts. What I’ve gotten so far is 175 yards of two-ply yarn. It was completely spun and plied on my kickspindle. My first large project.

There were a couple of thing about this fiber I found that I didn’t care for. First off, there are a lot of short bits that became bumps when I spun it. I debated removing them as I spun, but they add to the character of the yarn.

Secondly, the fiber felt very greasy. This made it more difficult to spin it evenly, so the yarn has thick and thin spots. I also used a semi-worsted draw, which exaggerates the textures.

Third, and worse IMO – the dye came off on my hands. I had to scrub to get the dye off, and my hands still felt really strange. I’m not sure if this is going to be colorfast, or if the color will gradually fade.

I didn’t do a close-up photo – but you can see the length and drape of this yarn. It has a great deal of character. It’s semi-worsted, bumpy, with some thick, puffy areas.

It’s lovely, in a very wild way.


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