Another Finished Project

Yarn on chair

Sheltland yarn, freshly plied this morning.

I was busy this morning. I plied the heather Shetland that I spun weeks ago.

There were a lot of thin spots that broke. However, it measured out as 217 yards.

Plying sounds easy. It’s really not. The idea is simple – twist two lengths of yarn together. But there are tangles and thin spots that break. And you have to manage the two lengths you are plying.

My Kickspindle base has two posts where I can put two quills of yarn. It works just fine, for small lengths of yarn. If the quills are over-full, they don’t spin right.

So for large amounts of yarn, I have two bobbins that will hang from just about anything. The problem is they hold a LOT more yarn than the kick spindle will. Oops. Guess I’ll have to get a spinning wheel for large skeins of yarn.

But not this week.

I’ve got 8 oz of brown Shetland that I’m spinning exclusively on the drop spindle. If I ply it, it will be with the hanging bobbins. The storage bobbins won’t fit on the posts.

Now I’ve got a hot date with some very soft Marino wool.


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