Writer’s Holiday – Gone Fishing?

Yes, that’s right. I’ve stopped trying to write. For the next few weeks, I’m going to concentrate on my mother’s estate and all the silly stuff that needs to be done around here.

I’ve burned out on writing. I threw myself into it back in ’07 and did nothing else thereafter. So now when I sit down to write, I end up on the internet, goofing off.

Spinning is more fun.

‘Swallow the Moon’ went free in Canada this morning. Until I hear back from Athanasios about a new cover, Amazon can give away copies to the whole world, I don’t mind.

The topics I will be posting are knitting, crocheting and spinning related. Maybe some interesting re-posts. I might even post my weaving experiments. But I’m not so sure about that. For what it’s worth, I’m building an ancent type of loom called a ‘warp weighted’ loom.  This design dates back tens of thousands of years.

I’ve got some pictures, already. But if I really want to post the process, I’m going to have to clean up my porch. (Another project that I’ve put off because I was either writing or marketing the next book.) There are hundreds of small tasks that are calling my name.

So is fishing.

I want to go fishing again. I’ve got everything I need, I just have to make time.


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