Used Up All My Fiber

I was doing something else – surfing for information – when eBay popped up. So I started looking for a spinning wheel
I found one – with lots of fleece – but it turned out to be ‘local pickup only.’ I couldn’t justify a road trip to Colorado. Though my trusty side-kick would have come with me…our last trip was too much of an adventure, tell the truth. Anyways, I’d already posted about the wheel, when a friend offered me her Kromski. She’s got a wheel of a modern design that  she likes a lot better. She had me try it. The first thing I noticed is that I can treadle VERY SLOWLY with this machine. Which means I can draw slowly and really feel what I’m doing.I can't believe it's really mine.

The result is that I about spun everything in the house. I’ve got a little Lincoln, but I’ve got a half a plied bobin. I carded a bag of alpaca into rolags and spun that up this morning.


So I’m going to have to use up some of the lovely stuff I spun and washed, to make pretty shawls and so forth. I’ve got a pound of spun Shetland, about 425 yards, that I want to turn into a shawl.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a nearly full bobin of alpaca and just that much Lincoln left to spin.

I’m stunned at how fast this thing spins, even when I treadle VERY slowly.


A nearly full bobin of alpacaDigital Camera


One thought on “Used Up All My Fiber

  1. K. A. Jordan says:

    Used up my fiber…LOL…not a chance. That was pre-llama fleece. I’ve got to get spinning again.

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