Shetland Wool Shawl

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I added the ‘wool’ because I didn’t want anyone to think it was Shetland Pony.

As much as I fondly recall my Shetland Pony Shadow, the breed has been majickally transformed in to “Miniture Horses” because it was “common knowledge” (in the 1970’s) that Shetland’s were the most miserable ponies in the entire world.

We used to call them “Assassin Ponies” because the little buggers would kill you if they got the chance.

But I degress.

Back to the Shawl that isn’t quite finished. It needs another 8 oz of dark yarn to finish it off. I love it – the design is simple, I only cut a little off one skein to make the ‘Autumn Fire’ trim start at the edge.


2 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Shawl

  1. Leah says:

    So beautiful!! Looks wonderfully cozy!

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