acrylic and wool shawls

acrylic and wool shawls

3 skein triple triangle shawl on Queen bed

3 skein triple triangle shawl on Queen bed

I’m posting my shawl pictures. The first is two triangle shawls. The left one is acrylic – a multi-colored yarn with a white trim. This was my experimental shawl. It’s made with four skeins of ‘Monet’ Red Heart yarn, double crocheted into a double triangle pattern I found on Ravelery. The white trim really sets it off. This is very light weight. Oddly enough the acrylic yarn feels nasty after working with real wool.

The right shawl is the Shetland Wool shawl. All hand spun, by me (!) and crocheted into the same pattern. I used my skeins as they came out. There are several short skeins of dark and light brown wool spun on my kick-spindle. There is a superwash Art Bat spun on the Shachet Ladybug. The bottom is dark Shetland spun on my Kromski (Tag’s his name.) There is another skein to go on this shawl. More dark Shetland to make it longer and cozier. (I know, I’m obsessed with long and WARM. It’s my upbringing in a COLD climate.)

The Shetland shawl is a record of my ability to spin. It starts out uneven, kind of choppy, then smooths out as I learn to spin better yarn. It’s going to be my favorite keepsake. It has about 3 pounds of wool in it. The tail in the back goes past my rump, making the shawl ‘back heavy.’ So I’m going to have to make some kind of closure for the front to keep it on. Most likely I’ll use ties.

The second photo is the triple triangle in dark teal and gray. This is the same general pattern, worked out in three triangles instead of two. Instead of coming to a point in the back, it is flat, making this shawl easier to wear while driving or running around the house. It’s light acrylic – so there isn’t much weight to it. The flat back keeps it from sliding off. The ‘sleeves’ go all the way to the wrist, making it comfortable to move around in.

I’ve seen a few videos about ‘how to wear a shawl and not look like a granny.’ They’ve got me puzzled. I don’t understand. Does wearing jeans make me look like a boy? Heck no! I’ve got more curves than I need. LOL

So how would wearing something as feminine as a shawl make me look granny-like?

I adore my poncho/shawl. It’s long and heavy like a poncho, but it’s open, soft and warm as well. I’ve worn it in some really chilly weather at the farmer’s market. It kept me warm.

Anyways – this is what I’m doing, more photos later, I promise!


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