Author Adventures – Heading Home

Boy am I glad to head home today!

A quick update for the curious:

My credit card was turned off as soon as I crossed the state line. EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

The Mariner Memorial Bash wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Although I met some really great people and had a good time…I didn’t sell a single book there.

HOWEVER — The great thing was that when J. Drew Brumbaugh and his wife took me to the Bascule Bridge Grill, I saw a sign for a Farmers Market for Sunday. I got there and they graciously allowed me to set up an instant book signing. I was able to make gas money to get home.

Then it was back to the Ramada for the afternoon. Got to talk to Chuck Altonen – former owner of the Harbor Journal – who gave me column space as the writer of Kat Tracks.

Monday I was off to the races – 2100 words for The Emissary series, a trip to Topky Library, Ashtabula Public Library and Kingsville Library to donate books. I also stopped at Cahill House on Walnut Bld where I wrote a bit chunk of ‘Swallow the Moon’.

Now I’ve got to pack up and get home. Might not be until midnight, but I’m glad to be going back.

Although…I think I could acutally like being a book-selling gypsy up here. The book has been accepted and is in great demand. People LOVE the fact it takes place in Ashtabula. If word spreads, the trip might not be just a tax write-off. It might acutally help my sales.

Here’s hoping, because I’m running on a wing and a prayer, just like the old days when I was scrambling for enough cash to pay my rent, so I never got a good meal except at Mom & Dad’s on Sunday.

Yes, this trip brought back a lot of old memories…good ones.

If things go in my favor, I might be back for the Covered Bridge Festival in October. But maybe not.

Stay tuned!


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