Whatcha Up To?

Digital Camera

I hope this picture looks better than the flashed out one. I’ve been spinning some Silver Romney – about 6 oz so far. And there is an ounce of accent yarn, silver and rose (Coopworth wool). There are 3 more ounces to spin before I’ll offer it for sale.

The rose and silver was just put on the niddy noddy today. I plied it yesterday. I still have to set the twist. It looks to me like someone could knit a scarf, a hat and a pair of mittens from all this yarn.

The fiber spun like a dream. It isn’t dyed wool, it was carded with some grease left on it to make it spin better. Carding the two fibers together was easy once I got Hubby into the act. We knocked it out in a few minutes.

An aside to anyone who has a carding machine – get a wallpaper brush to press down the batt. I used a card for it and got my fingers nipped. The paint brush works just as well and you don’t have to worry about your fingers.

Since the heat broke we’ve been puttering around in the yard. I still don’t have a goose free yard but the girls are penned up in Chicken World. So there aren’t as many chickens jumping on the porch to steal cat food. (Or leave proof they were there.)

Nothing going on the writing front. I’ve got to go hermit again, I guess. But with the weather cooling down I’m able to sleep better at night because I can be more active during the day.

That’s it for today. I’m going to catch up with all the blogs I follow this evening.

I’m crocheting a hat, a very simple pattern, which is good, because I can’t read patterns very well.

Eventually I’ll buy a set of knitting needles, expensive but a good investment since I’m slowly teaching myself to knit. I got a cheat sheet of stitches yesterday which helped me learn to purl and do a stocking net stitch. I tried ribbing, but it became a mess. I’ll try again later when I’m not frustrated with it.

That’s it for me, no adventures at the moment.


9 thoughts on “Whatcha Up To?

  1. itwasjudith says:

    Well done for entering the knitting world 🙂 new things can be rather scary, aren’t they?

    There are many online free tutorials and also YouTube videos. You may have already come across this one:
    I use it quite often, it’s rather good, they have videos and a glossary (with link to video and explanations) and free patterns 🙂

    There are cheaper needles, if you just want to start off without too much an investment. Then, once you get used and decide which type you need or like (normal, circular, double point, wood, metal, etc), you can look into more expensive ones.

    hope this helps!

    • K. A. Jordan says:

      Thanks, I’ll look at the videos. I’ve got a number of straight needles – I discovered them the other day. I was looking at a set of interchangable circulars. I’ve got some odd lengths of yarn to fool with, and the cheat sheet is a real keeper!

      We’ll see if I can get any projects started and finished.

  2. K. A. Jordan says:

    As long as I have cheap yarn to practice on. LOL

    I’m taking a class on hats tomorrow. Hope I can stay focused.

  3. K. A. Jordan says:

    Class was great! I learned a whole lot of the history of knitting patterns and how to cast on and use circular needles.

    Then I got home, worked for a couple of hours, my needle cables came off and I had to start over. LOL So I got to work it a couple more times until I figured out what I was doing wrong.

    It appears that I learn more from making mistakes than I do from the lessons.

    Go figure.


    PS – I like the hat pattern. I’m going to save it to my Ravlery profile.

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