Project Photos – October 2013

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

These are the projects I worked on this month.

The light isn’t very good and I’m still learning how to use the camera. However, it’ looks a.bout the right color.

From Left to Right – autumn Shetland roving, light Shetland roving, Alpaca & Shetland beret with beads, rose Coopworth roving, Silver and pink infinity scarf (scarf and hood in one), hand-dyed Jacob, and hand-dyed Alpaca & Shetland.

I find it amusing that I’m not able to knit well with my own yarn. I can crochet with it – no problem. But knitting seems to work best with the ‘cheap stuff’.

I think it’s all hooey – I’m more comfortable with crochet because I know all the stitches and hook sizes. I’m determined to get over it. LOL

What I did notice that surprised me: the ball of light Shetland roving is spinning up much thicker than I expected and exactly as I hoped. However, it doesn’t have enough color to suit me. I’m itching to ply it with something more colorful, like a light aqua or that rose, or something my supplier calls ‘lime splash’ which is also multi-color. OR maybe I should just break out the beads again and let them add the sparkle.

HMMM…I really need to be careful, if I get too crazy I’m going to have to sell this stuff instead of giving it away for Christmas.

Just When I Thought I Had A Clue

Recently, I bought an old Singer treadle machine. It appeared in good shape, but had no belt or attachments.

I walked through an identifying website, which said it was a Singer 66. So I bought parts for the Singer 66.

A couple days later, I started to wonder – ran through the ‘test’ again, but came up with a Singer 15 class.

The bobin that was in it ISN’T of the 66 class. It is slightly smaller, and appears to be a perfect match for the Singer 15 class.