My Favorite Place – Shoppes

Digital CameraI spent today at Shoppes at Otter Creek.

This is where I learned to spin and knit. It’s also a great place to eat, they stock as much local food as they can get. There’s a LOT of local food around here. They also stock my books. LOL

Anyways — today Hubby and I went there to do some serious fiber preparation. I had two little bags of Jacob fleece, a felted mass of baby llama and two small bags of chestnut llama. We left with a HUGE bag of Jacob, three carded batts of baby llama and a bag of chestnut llama and a batt of it, too.

Six hours of work, but we rocked the task!

I’ve got a lot of work to do yet. The chestnut llama is going to become this year’s Christmas presents.

I was trying to post a photo yesterday, I’ll see if I can remember which one it was. Oh, yes, it’s a pic of the alpacas I’m adopting.


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