What to Do?

Yes, the crate is full to the brim. (Eek!)

Yes, the crate is full to the brim. (Eek!)

Isn’t it lovely?

An entire crate of llama fiber, washed and waiting to be carded, then spun. The color didn’t come out in the original photo so I goosed the color saturation a bit.

I’ve got to pick out the guard hairs as I card it, otherwise it is pure fluff. This is just one of the bags given to me.

I’ve already spun 5 ounces. It hardly made a dent in the crate. Maybe hubby and I will need to go back to Shoppes to run this fiber through the picker and the carding machine.

I’ve already got half an infinity scarf – I’m wondering what else I should make with it.

And I wonder how much I can get done by Christmas?


4 thoughts on “What to Do?

  1. I can’t recall the names of the couple standing on this side of the loom though they informed us they live only a few miles from us and that she’s an avid spinner. We hadn’t met before. I hope we run into each other again. Ilisha, the Jazzknitter , was up to her masterful and whimsical spinning. If you’re unfamiliar with her work check out her Chroma Hat pattern which uses dozens of different yarns. She often uses yarns she spun on her Larks and Aegeans. Ivy came all the way from Moscow, Idaho! She’s holding Yeti made with alpaca hair. Ivy drove to OFFF with Shelley, co-owner and fiber dyer of The Yarn Underground , bringing yarns, fiber, classes and joy to the people of Moscow and surrounding areas.

  2. Rocco Weber says:

    Another Happy Accident came from a large dye pot full of fibers. I had intended to get a red, a nice semi-solid. Instead I got a variegated red to peach blend. A new colorway, called Winesap, was born. (This may help to explain why I have over 100 named colorways.) On my way past the spinning wheel I tripped and 14 lovely ounces of BFL got spun up into a 3-ply worsted weight.

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