Big Batty Day

Went to Shoppes at Otter Creek again to use the carding machine.

This time, we only got one batt of chocolate llama done. It takes forever to pick out most of the guard hairs. This fleece is about half processed, maybe 4 skeins spun.

So I switched to the appalousa llama, no guard hair, so it’s a dream to card. The locks are thick and twisted, so I had to open them up with hand cards. Still, we got four batts in just a couple of hours, instead of a couple hours to get one batt.

Last night I bought several colors of firestar to jazz up the llama yarn. The photo is Milk Chocolate Firestar which should look spectacular in the chocolate llama. There is also a navy blue for the black fleece and a Redwood shade for the mohogany fleeces.

Three Batts of Llama

Since we had the machine right there, I carded all my green and brown Jacob into one big, huge batt. It’s a super looking batt, very ocean green, perfect for seashells and beads. I was surprized to find the stuff I thought was a bunch of pale blue rolags was really just junky short cuts. It needs to go into my ‘junk’ bag so I don’t make the mistake of trying to card it again.

I want to add, because I keep forgetting, that I’ve made a modification to my spinning wheel. In order to use the jumbo bobbins to ply, I’ve left the jumbo flyer in place. This means I’m working with the larger orifice and different ratios. I’m now using faster speeds, more twist and need to draft accordingly. So now instead of getting laceweight singles, which I didn’t want, I’m getting a better size yarn! More like what I get in the store, instead of fussing with froghair, I’m getting some really nice wieght and a bit of thick and thin!

I have to draft faster or the single is overtwisted! It keeps me on my toes, not in dreamland.

BTW – I found out that Windows 7 has voice recognition built in. I don’t need to buy Dragon software, I just need to switch to a newer laptop. (Sigh) The things I learn on the interwebz!

On a final note, the alpacas were very easy to catch again tonight. I didn’t get spit on! As a reward, I took off their halters. Hopefully, putting the halters back on won’t be a major production. If I can teach a freaked out horse to put on a halter, I should be able to teach an alpaca.

We’ll see!


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